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Consumer Proposal in Toronto

Owning your first home is an exciting milestone, but for many people, it may seem like a hopeless or impossible dream. If you want to purchase a home in the next few years, but currently find yourself in debt, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) can help.

Debt Consolidation in Hamilton and Toronto

In a perfect world, all of your personal debts (including mortgages, credit cards, car payments, personal loans, lines of credit, etc.) would be fully paid off before you retire. This is generally considered ‘best practice’ because upon retirement, we rely on subsidized income (such as retirement savings, workplace pensions, RRSPs, CPP) for our living expenses.

Bankruptcy Services Toronto

Although filing for personal Bankruptcy can seem scary, it’s important to remember two things: First, Bankruptcy isn’t the only option when you’re struggling with debt. You may have other alternatives that your Licensed Insolvency Trustee can explore with you, such as debt consolidation, credit counselling, or Consumer Proposals. Second, Bankruptcy isn’t a punishment—it’s a solution,

The Bank of Canada has raised their interest rates for the second time this year, and while economists assure us that this is a sign of faith in the stability and growth of our economy, the increased rates will impact the costs of debt for residents of Toronto and Hamilton, as well as every household across