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If you have too much debt to pay back through budgeting alone, you may be considering other debt consolidation options, such as a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy. In Canada, you’re not alone. Nearly 130,000 Canadians filed a Consumer Proposal or declared Bankruptcy in 2016. But what’s the difference? If you’re considering a Consumer Proposal vs.

Struggling with overwhelming and unpayable debt can be a paralyzing experience. You know that you can’t pay your bills and still make your rent or mortgage payment. You have stopped opening the mail because you know the bad news that each envelope holds.

For many people dealing with debt stress in Toronto, it simply isn’t necessary to file for Bankruptcy or make a Consumer Proposal in order to resolve their debt issues. In such instances, Credit Counselling alone may be a better choice. Toronto Credit Counselling essentially involves learning how to manage your money more effectively so you can reach your financial