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Toronto Debt Consolidation is essentially a ‘reorganization’ of your unsecured debt into one manageable payment plan. This plan, run through either a bank or a private lender, can offer considerably reduced interest rates to save you a great deal of money that would otherwise be lost in interest.

Debt consolidation in Toronto can also offer an opportunity to renegotiate your payment plan, allowing you the opportunity to work out a more manageable schedule that better suits your current financial situation.When it comes to Toronto debt consolidation services, it’s important to know that Fuller Landau is not a lender, and cannot issue a loan on your behalf. Our objective is to simply help you find the most favourable solution to your debt problems, whether it be through debt consolidation or credit counselling, or a more serious solution such as a Consumer Proposal to help you avoid Bankruptcy.

Debt Consolidation and Your Credit Rating

While debt consolidation will qualify as another loan on your record, which could nudge your credit score down in the short-term, it more than makes up for this slight dip when compared to the alternative of missing payments, defaulting on loans, and possibly even being forced to declare Bankruptcy down the line.

When you first meet with Fuller Landau for an initial consultation on your financial situation, we’ll discuss all of the alternatives available to you, and the impact each would have on your credit rating, moving forward.

More Simple. Less Expensive.

Debt consolidation plans are custom-tailored to your debt, your needs, and your current financial situation, and could include any of the following:

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Consumer Proposal vs Bankruptcy

Can You Relate?

When it comes to debt, particularly high-interest debt from credit cards, a few missed payments can often become a slippery slope towards out-of-control debt.

Minimum payments barely cover the interest. If those minimum payments are missed, or if you need to go further into debt to pay them, it’s time to get help.

Nobody likes dealing with constant harassing phone calls or late payment notices. if you can’t afford to pay off all your debts, they won’t stop until you take action.

Often, wage garnishments from a creditor just compound the problem, and make it even more difficult to pay off your other debts.

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