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The better informed you are about personal debt and how to avoid it, the better equipped you will be to maintain a healthy financial position. Using these tools, you can efficiently manage your income, taxes, debts, and expenditures to keep your finances in check.

Monthly Money Tracker

Do you know where your money goes, each month? Are you uncertain why you’re accumulating debt so quickly? Would you like to see where you can trim expenses to help pay off your outstanding credit balance? Our Monthly Money Tracker can help you budget your finances more effectively so you can track and meet your financial objectives each month.

Basic Tax Calculator

A variety of factors are involved in the calculation of how much personal income tax you owe, including your annual income, RRSPs, and investments. Make sure you avoid any unpleasant or unexpected personal income tax surprises with a Basic Tax Calculator.

Superintendent of Bankruptcy

The Superintendent of Bankruptcy is the federal government’s agency dedicated to regulating and processing all Bankruptcy and related claims across Canada. The Superintendent of Bankruptcy’s official website is an excellent resource for exploring the various debt relief options available to you.

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Consumer Proposal vs Bankruptcy

Can You Relate?

When it comes to debt, particularly high-interest debt from credit cards, a few missed payments can often become a slippery slope towards out-of-control debt.

Minimum payments barely cover the interest. If those minimum payments are missed, or if you need to go further into debt to pay them, it’s time to get help.

Nobody likes dealing with constant harassing phone calls or late payment notices. if you can’t afford to pay off all your debts, they won’t stop until you take action.

Often, wage garnishments from a creditor just compound the problem, and make it even more difficult to pay off your other debts.

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